ORING Industrial Ethernet Switch

O-Ring Redundant Technology Device Binding O-Chain Redundant Technology DoS/DDoS Auto-Prevention Optical Interface Bypass Redundant Ring Technology Hardware Bypass 802.3at PoE+ with Power Management PoE Green Power Scheduling PoE Alive Checking PoE Power Boost

ORING 90W光纖轉換器 IGPMC-111GP-BT-24V

●Support 8 ports 10/100Base-T(X) ●Support auto-negotiation and auto-MDI/MID-X ●Support Store and forward transmission ●Support flow control ●Provide Relay output ●Rigid IP-30 housing design ●DIN-Rail and wall mounting enabled


|精準部署醫療數位轉型方案 |行動醫療自動化 |診間報到 |數位多媒體叫號 |電子白板 |智慧照護通訊平台|


PUZZLE series is the next generation product of network appliance which includes a broad portfolio of x86-based and ARM-based network platform. More, it achieves the needs of cost efficient, compact, rugged and reliable solutions required in industrial environments.



嘉基x私協 智慧醫療方案行動護理車電腦參展

嘉義基督教醫院x私立醫療院協會智慧醫療展 AI智能護理語音辨識系統 IEI POC-17C-ULT3

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彰化基督教醫院介紹IEI POCM-W22C-ULT3 醫療電腦

彰化基督教醫院護理部邀請,跟護理部長官及全院護理長介紹IEIx秉誠智能科技智能台車解決方案 POCM-W22C-ULT3-I5 http://www.ailink.com.tw/products/75.html

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22021/12/02–05 台灣醫療科技展-全球醫療創新樞紐

22021/12/02–05 台灣醫療科技展-全球醫療創新樞紐

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